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Shia LaBeouf Admits: I Went on One Date With Rihanna

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Yes according to Yahoo’s OMG section of their site, they actually went out on a date. The couple met through a stylist while he was filming the Indiana Jones movie. They never had more that one date. They still remain friends to this day. Maybe she didn’t compare to another special woman in his life. Shia has his plate full including the summer blockbuster, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen coming out soon. Even though one girl didn’t make the cut, I’m sure there are others who are ready and willing to take her place. For more on this, click the link below:


Rihanna blasts Chris Brown in New Song?

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I came across this article this morning as I was looking for something to write about. Like every celebrity breakup, there has to be a song written about the person you broke up with or the person that dumped you first. Taylor Swift wrote one about Joe Jonas, Justin allegedly sung one about Britney and vice versa, and now Rihanna joins the list with her new song “Silly Boy” featuring Lady GaGa, which you can find on Kanye West’s blog, sings about a guy trying to mend fences with her, only to fail at his attempts.

Any way that you can express your feelings whether through poetry, song, or a rap is a great idea. I commend Rihanna for finding an outlet for her feelings and expressing them through song and I’m sure it will be a great hit with Lady GaGa. With all the drama surrounding her and Chris Brown, I don’t know why she didn’t think of it before now. 

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Chris Brown Denies Leaking ‘Any’ Rihanna Photos

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According to, Chris Brown denies that he leaked any nude pictures of a woman resembling singer Rihanna that leaked this past week right after nude photos of singer Cassie were put on the web. A rep at his label says Rumors that Brown leaked racy photos of Rihanna are ‘both false and defamatory,’ rep says in statement.  As you know Chris Brown is facing charges on a domestic violence against the Barbadian songstress that sparked the cancelling of their performance at the Grammy awards. Blogger Perez Hilton made a statement that it must have been Chris that leaked these photos probably because there is one picture in there that resembles him sort of like a sense of accomplishment. 

This has gotten way out of hand, I believe that there is already enough drama going around these young stars and people out there are just trying to capitalize on it. These are rough times and we should be helping each other not trying to tear these celebrities apart.

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Chris Brown Might Get A Break…

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According to Yahoo, Chris Brown’s lawyer might be able to get him off on a technicality saying that the photos of an abused Rihanna might have been sold to a celebrity gossip site by an actual police officer. Someone had to be a jerk and sell it to a celebrity gossip site in order to make some money. Economic times can’t be bad enough for this. It seems like both Chris Brown and Rihanna have a lot to deal with these days. 


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Privacy Isn’t So Private Anymore

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Now there has to be some limit.  Nude photos of Cassie and Rihanna being leaked? You can’t damage a rep more than to have some not so nice pictures of yourself and the fact that these girls are stars in their own right makes it even worse. These girls deserve some privacy and looks like they aren’t going to get it. What in the world is going on? Celebrities are human beings as well, don’t they deserve some level of respect? How are they getting these pictures? This is bananas. 

You have to be careful about who you give or send certain photos because they can resurface in the most possible way. Once something is posted online, you can’t undo the damage that has been done and reposting it is not gonna help these girls heal the way they need to. Everyone deserves privacy and some level of respect even if they are celebrities. Spreading them around is not helping anyone.


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