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Chris Brown Might Get A Break…

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According to Yahoo, Chris Brown’s lawyer might be able to get him off on a technicality saying that the photos of an abused Rihanna might have been sold to a celebrity gossip site by an actual police officer. Someone had to be a jerk and sell it to a celebrity gossip site in order to make some money. Economic times can’t be bad enough for this. It seems like both Chris Brown and Rihanna have a lot to deal with these days. 


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Privacy Isn’t So Private Anymore

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Now there has to be some limit.  Nude photos of Cassie and Rihanna being leaked? You can’t damage a rep more than to have some not so nice pictures of yourself and the fact that these girls are stars in their own right makes it even worse. These girls deserve some privacy and looks like they aren’t going to get it. What in the world is going on? Celebrities are human beings as well, don’t they deserve some level of respect? How are they getting these pictures? This is bananas. 

You have to be careful about who you give or send certain photos because they can resurface in the most possible way. Once something is posted online, you can’t undo the damage that has been done and reposting it is not gonna help these girls heal the way they need to. Everyone deserves privacy and some level of respect even if they are celebrities. Spreading them around is not helping anyone.


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