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YouTube Tuesdays: Zee Avi

Posted in youtube with tags , , , , , , , on May 19, 2009 by MidnightSun

This week, is a music video of an up and coming artist and her name is Zee Avi. She lives in the city of Los Angeles but her hometown is in Malaysia. This song here, Bitter Heart, has amazing 40s sound to it and her voice sounds like it should be in well-established Jazz club. Her voice is calming yet powerful and her cd comes out May 19th and I recommend you go get it. Check out her other videos on YouTube if you like her sound. You would expect a voice like that to come out of this Malaysian songstress. She is going to be big. Here’s her video, Check it Out!


Heidi Pratt’s New Video: Blackout…Judge For Yourself

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I was looking at some music sights to get some ideas for a blog. I came across VH1’s post for Best Week Ever and I love reading their blogs on Best Week Ever but anyway, they blogged about the couple you love to hate or hate to love, whichever but the newly Mrs. Spencer Pratt posted a new video with a somewhat excuse for a song or whatever it is called “Blackout”. Out of curiosity, I had to see what the video looked like. Now I wish I hadn’t. The song was…I don’t know what it was but i don’t think I would even call it a song, the video was even worse and I don’t even know why I wasted my time watching it, I swear I killed some of my much needed brain cells watching this. 

Her cameraman hubby Spencer films her on a beach, in a bikini, showing her million dollar girls again. If you are going to make a video, make it more appealing, I mean what the heck? This is bananas.The lyrics really don’t make sense and I mean some don’t but the entire song doesn’t make sense. It is a waste of good technology for real artist but think if Heidi would actually take the time to put more effort into her singing and her video, she could have a shot. Now that I have gotten my frustration out, I will be sharing the atrocity with the viewing public.