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A Mother Is…

Posted in personal with tags , , , , , on May 10, 2009 by MidnightSun

A mother is precious

A mother is sweet

A mother is caring

A mother is neat

A mother is loving

A mother is smart

A mother is warm

A mother has heart

A mother is perceptive

A mother is kind

A mother is hard working

A mother is a great find

Care for your mother on this mother’s day

Cause a mother’s love will never pass away


Poem: Pouring Out My Heart

Posted in personal, poetry with tags , , , , , , , on May 8, 2009 by MidnightSun

Are you thinking of me?

Are you mindful of me?

The one you left behind

The one who fell for you

The one who listens to you

Does whatever they can for you

Are you wondering about me?

Are you looking for me?

The one you call ever so often

The one who dreams of you

The one you send emails to

The one who calms your rage

I am thinking of you

I am mindful of you

You left me behind

I have fallen for you

I always listen to you

I do what I can for you

I am wondering about you

I do look for you

Waiting by the phone for your call

At night I dream of you

Checking my email

Calming your anger and rage

Here I am, standing and waiting

For you to come back

To hope and see

That you feel the same about me

Does He Know How I Feel?

Posted in personal with tags , , , , , on May 2, 2009 by MidnightSun

I wonder if there is something there or he is just wasting my time? I constantly think about him, whether he thinks about me, does he know that he is thinking about me? I am hoping that he will finally open his eyes and see that I want to be with him. I made my feelings known to him, my intentions are true, why can’t he see that? I’m not like the rest,  I will be at my best but I can’t wait forever, I can’t wait eternally. Tell me now so we can move forward, with or without being together. I find myself thinking that this is just a game that he is playing with me, that he is just testing me, does he have someone else or am I not thinking clearly? I wish I knew what to do, I wish I knew what to say, this is the question I ask each and everyday.

These are just some random thoughts that I had on my mind dealing with a guy in my life who I have been friends with for almost 3 years and I am wondering what he is thinking.