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Spencer Pratt Admits Lying About Sex Tape Rumors To Get Lauren Conrad To Attend Wedding

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Yes, he lied to her only to get her to come to their wedding for Heidi’s sake. This only proves a couple of things and assures me of one thing. First, he will do anything for Heidi. Second, he will do anything to get his way and third, he is still a jerk. According to Yahoo’s OMG website, last month Lauren told journalists during the current season of The Hills that Spencer took full responsibility for starting the rumors about the sex tape that was going around.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Spencer admits that he only lied to her to get her to come to their wedding so Heidi could be happy. This is what he said:

“Let me give you the exclusive right here… See, my lovely wife wanted that girl, LC, to be at our wedding, and I knew I had to do whatever as [an] almost-husband to get her dream wedding put together,” Spencer told earlier this week. “So I lied and said that I made something up to make somebody feel good about themselves so that they would attend the wedding.”

Spencer is still a complete jerk but there’s no doubt that he will do anything for Heidi.


Heidi Pratt’s New Video: Blackout…Judge For Yourself

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I was looking at some music sights to get some ideas for a blog. I came across VH1’s post for Best Week Ever and I love reading their blogs on Best Week Ever but anyway, they blogged about the couple you love to hate or hate to love, whichever but the newly Mrs. Spencer Pratt posted a new video with a somewhat excuse for a song or whatever it is called “Blackout”. Out of curiosity, I had to see what the video looked like. Now I wish I hadn’t. The song was…I don’t know what it was but i don’t think I would even call it a song, the video was even worse and I don’t even know why I wasted my time watching it, I swear I killed some of my much needed brain cells watching this. 

Her cameraman hubby Spencer films her on a beach, in a bikini, showing her million dollar girls again. If you are going to make a video, make it more appealing, I mean what the heck? This is bananas.The lyrics really don’t make sense and I mean some don’t but the entire song doesn’t make sense. It is a waste of good technology for real artist but think if Heidi would actually take the time to put more effort into her singing and her video, she could have a shot. Now that I have gotten my frustration out, I will be sharing the atrocity with the viewing public.

Laguna Beach Alum is Heading For “The Hills”

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For all you “The Hills” fans, Lauren told us that this would be her last season on the show. Well, rumors have been confirmed that Laguna Beach’s Queen Bee Kristin Cavallari will be taking her place as the new leading lady of  The Hills. It seems to me that most of the fans will not be returning to watch this dazzling diva take to the streets of Los Angeles. It will be interesting to watch Kristin try to fill LC’s shoes which will be impossible. Once again, Lauren perfects this show and gives it a sense of class and now Kristin will be coming in and trying to keep the flow going. A lot of the cast members don’t seem to mind, Audrina is kind of mellowed out about it, Heidi is thrilled to have her because Kristin and Brody set her up with Spencer while they were still dating, Stephanie is freaking out about it and Brody believes that she couldn’t possibly fill Lauren’s shoes.

I have to agree with Brody on this one. I loved Kristin in Laguna Beach, don’t get me wrong, she is hilarious and blunt at the same time. It’s time to grow up and put all the drama behind. It would only seem right that Kristin would be the next season’s boss lady because after Lauren took over the first season of Laguna Beach, Kristin stepped right on in for the second season. I will probably watch every now and then to see how the show is going, as for being an avid fan of the show once the lovely Lauren is gone…I don’t think so.

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Spencer Pratt, A Rap Career? Where Is The World Coming To?

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Spencer Pratt, infamous playboy and conceited boy from the hit MTV show “The Hills”, decides that he will be invading the airwaves with a new rap song. It’s called “I’m a Celebrity” and it hit airwaves today and the lyrics are posted in this article link that I will post below. I just have one thing to say to him…Have you lost your mind?! You will give the already established rappers like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas, and T.I. a bad rep! Not everyone can rap and judging by the lyrics, you can’t do this! You need to wake up, Mr. Blonde Ambition because all the ambition in the world can’t help you with rapping so you need to sit this one out, sweetie.

His stage name is “The Great White”. Please get over yourself, Mr. Pratt. His adoring wife, Heidi Montag Pratt, says she would love to duet with him because he can do everything. This is one of those things he can’t do. Good luck with this Spencer because you will need it…a lot of it.

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