Shia LaBeouf Admits: I Went on One Date With Rihanna

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Yes according to Yahoo’s OMG section of their site, they actually went out on a date. The couple met through a stylist while he was filming the Indiana Jones movie. They never had more that one date. They still remain friends to this day. Maybe she didn’t compare to another special woman in his life. Shia has his plate full including the summer blockbuster, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen coming out soon. Even though one girl didn’t make the cut, I’m sure there are others who are ready and willing to take her place. For more on this, click the link below:


Heidi Pratt’s New Video: Blackout…Judge For Yourself

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I was looking at some music sights to get some ideas for a blog. I came across VH1’s post for Best Week Ever and I love reading their blogs on Best Week Ever but anyway, they blogged about the couple you love to hate or hate to love, whichever but the newly Mrs. Spencer Pratt posted a new video with a somewhat excuse for a song or whatever it is called “Blackout”. Out of curiosity, I had to see what the video looked like. Now I wish I hadn’t. The song was…I don’t know what it was but i don’t think I would even call it a song, the video was even worse and I don’t even know why I wasted my time watching it, I swear I killed some of my much needed brain cells watching this. 

Her cameraman hubby Spencer films her on a beach, in a bikini, showing her million dollar girls again. If you are going to make a video, make it more appealing, I mean what the heck? This is bananas.The lyrics really don’t make sense and I mean some don’t but the entire song doesn’t make sense. It is a waste of good technology for real artist but think if Heidi would actually take the time to put more effort into her singing and her video, she could have a shot. Now that I have gotten my frustration out, I will be sharing the atrocity with the viewing public.

Rob Pattinson/Hugh Jackman Making A Movie Together?

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Yes there are rumors circulating that the Twilight cutie and the Wolverine hottie would be making a movie along with actress Rachel Weisz in a movie called “Unbound Captives”. It will be a directorial debut for Madeleine Stowe and also wrote the story for this movie and for more news on possible movie match up between the vampire hottie and X-Men superhero, visit the link:

Big things are happening for Rob since the Twilight phenomenon begin for him, this could be a big career move, besides playing his character Edward Cullen in Twilight and the upcoming sequel New Moon, everyone will want a piece of this vampire.

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Go on Dinner Date for His 23rd Bday

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Yes, Robert Pattinson, who portrays the handsome Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart, who portrays the lovely Bella Swan, were out at dinner with other New Moon costars, Ashley Green and Jamie Bower celebrating Rob’s 23 birthday. After they had dinner, Stewart and Pattinson went to the Afterglow lounge. They wouldn’t have privacy for long because his location had been posted on Twitter at 11pm that night and by 12:30am, the place was flooded with fans and the couple were escorted out by the manager of the lounge.

Are they an official couple? Has the on-screen chemistry developed off-screen? I think they would make a great couple in real life. Kristen and Robert would be hot together and plus, I think everyone wants to see them together. For more on this article, click the link below:

Laguna Beach Alum is Heading For “The Hills”

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For all you “The Hills” fans, Lauren told us that this would be her last season on the show. Well, rumors have been confirmed that Laguna Beach’s Queen Bee Kristin Cavallari will be taking her place as the new leading lady of  The Hills. It seems to me that most of the fans will not be returning to watch this dazzling diva take to the streets of Los Angeles. It will be interesting to watch Kristin try to fill LC’s shoes which will be impossible. Once again, Lauren perfects this show and gives it a sense of class and now Kristin will be coming in and trying to keep the flow going. A lot of the cast members don’t seem to mind, Audrina is kind of mellowed out about it, Heidi is thrilled to have her because Kristin and Brody set her up with Spencer while they were still dating, Stephanie is freaking out about it and Brody believes that she couldn’t possibly fill Lauren’s shoes.

I have to agree with Brody on this one. I loved Kristin in Laguna Beach, don’t get me wrong, she is hilarious and blunt at the same time. It’s time to grow up and put all the drama behind. It would only seem right that Kristin would be the next season’s boss lady because after Lauren took over the first season of Laguna Beach, Kristin stepped right on in for the second season. I will probably watch every now and then to see how the show is going, as for being an avid fan of the show once the lovely Lauren is gone…I don’t think so.

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Vanessa Hudgens May Bare It All…For A Good Movie Role

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High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens says that she would bare it all for a good movie role. This actress/singer says that when that time comes, she will bare it all but says the time is not right. She also had a brush with what nude pictures can do to someone’s reputation when in 2007, nude photos of her were leaked to the internet. At least she taking control over her career and not letting anyone tell her what to do. This young star has her whole life ahead of her and is trying not to make any mistakes. You might be seeing a lot more of Vanessa….just not anytime soon.

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Rihanna blasts Chris Brown in New Song?

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I came across this article this morning as I was looking for something to write about. Like every celebrity breakup, there has to be a song written about the person you broke up with or the person that dumped you first. Taylor Swift wrote one about Joe Jonas, Justin allegedly sung one about Britney and vice versa, and now Rihanna joins the list with her new song “Silly Boy” featuring Lady GaGa, which you can find on Kanye West’s blog, sings about a guy trying to mend fences with her, only to fail at his attempts.

Any way that you can express your feelings whether through poetry, song, or a rap is a great idea. I commend Rihanna for finding an outlet for her feelings and expressing them through song and I’m sure it will be a great hit with Lady GaGa. With all the drama surrounding her and Chris Brown, I don’t know why she didn’t think of it before now. 

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