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Poem: In the Twilight

Posted in life, nature, personal, poetry with tags , , , , , , , , on May 11, 2009 by MidnightSun

In the twilight, I watch and wait

Looking at the sun go down

Thinking of night falling

People going around town

In the sunrise, I yawn and awaken

Watching the sun come up

Seeing the day rising

In the sunset, I start to dream

Love and life

Everything in between


A Mother Is…

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A mother is precious

A mother is sweet

A mother is caring

A mother is neat

A mother is loving

A mother is smart

A mother is warm

A mother has heart

A mother is perceptive

A mother is kind

A mother is hard working

A mother is a great find

Care for your mother on this mother’s day

Cause a mother’s love will never pass away

Poem: Pouring Out My Heart

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Are you thinking of me?

Are you mindful of me?

The one you left behind

The one who fell for you

The one who listens to you

Does whatever they can for you

Are you wondering about me?

Are you looking for me?

The one you call ever so often

The one who dreams of you

The one you send emails to

The one who calms your rage

I am thinking of you

I am mindful of you

You left me behind

I have fallen for you

I always listen to you

I do what I can for you

I am wondering about you

I do look for you

Waiting by the phone for your call

At night I dream of you

Checking my email

Calming your anger and rage

Here I am, standing and waiting

For you to come back

To hope and see

That you feel the same about me

Just Another Birthday

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I am turning 22 next wednesday and didn’t know it until my sister reminded me. I’m like, “Oh, that is right.” Am I that content with me just having another birthday that was about to pass me by? Or am I at the age where I don’t have to have a party anymore?

I discovered a grey hair a couple months back and they say that is a sign of wisdom, if that is the case, I need all the wisdom I can get. I am getting older and glad to be getting older but I found myself not making a big deal about it. Is there a certain age you get to where you don’t care how old you get, and that you are glad to be getting older?

Independence Knows No Age Limit

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You never know how of something you really have until you go through it or deal with it. My grandmother moved out and she had boxes and boxes of stuff and still left stuff here. She decided to leave because she felt it was time for a change after my grandfather passing away about 5 years ago. She wanted to be by herself and she found her a new place and moved in this past weekend. She is happy to have her independence and I am happy for her.

Being on your own can come at anytime and it can be liberating. You feel like you are only responsible for you and no one else. It’s a new found freedom that you possess and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want. No one telling you what to do or when to do it. It’s nice to be able to do things when you get ready, not on anyone else’s time frame.

Poem: This Pain I Feel

Posted in personal, poetry on May 4, 2009 by MidnightSun


This pain I feel

Is so unreal

It’s taken over me

Like a demon possessing me

My mind is out of control

Something’s come over my soul

Somebody help me please

I’m falling to my knees

I’m nailed to the ground

I wish I could be found

Rage in my brain

I think I’ll go insane

Help me please

Somebody seize

This pain inside me

I can’t put it behind me

Social Networking Sites

Posted in personal, point of view with tags , , , , , on May 2, 2009 by MidnightSun

Yes we have heard of these types of sites where you can interact with people all over the world with just a click of mouse and a peck of a keyboard. The three biggest, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.  These website become the most popular thing among teenages, young adults, and even some in their early 30s, hint, hint, love you too sis!

I started out using MySpace for awhile then I got wind of the Facebook trend and I just recently got wind of Twitter and starting using that networking site. Of all these, my favorite would have to be Facebook and Twitter and I am never on MySpace anymore.

If you start using these sites, please be careful with what you post such as pictures and who you talk to, especially if you are a teenager because you never know who could be watching because once you post it online, you can’t take it back.