Robert Pattinson Kiss Auctioned for $55,000

Yeah that’s right. That is what I said. Millions of Twilight fans would give almost anything to get kiss from Hollywood’s hottest vampire but would they pay that much to get a opportunity to kiss Robert Pattinson? According to E! Online’s Marc Malkin, a kiss from Robert raised a whole lot of dough at a charity event that raises money to help fight AIDS at an auction held in Cannes, France.

There were two bidders who paid 20,000 euros each for their daughters to have that kiss. That is equivalent to 55,000 dollars in US money. Robert happily agreed to the suggestion about auctioning off his kiss but agreed in his own modestly handsome way.

This only proves that the Twilight fans are in full force these days and will do anything, even help raise money for charity to get a kiss from this Hollywood vampire cutie.

Here’s the link for more:


5 Responses to “Robert Pattinson Kiss Auctioned for $55,000”

  1. i m extremely thrilled by twilight and new moon. now i m desperate for robert and want to kisssss him.i dream of him n m waiting curiously for eclipse.

  2. how can i get the mail id of robert pattinson.

  3. kiss was really very not as expensive as really in terms the real kiss would be.i want him .

  4. i want to contact with him.

  5. jamie leigh Says:

    just found out twilight eclipse comes out on ma birthdayy whoppppppp x x x x x

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