Rob Pattinson/Hugh Jackman Making A Movie Together?



Yes there are rumors circulating that the Twilight cutie and the Wolverine hottie would be making a movie along with actress Rachel Weisz in a movie called “Unbound Captives”. It will be a directorial debut for Madeleine Stowe and also wrote the story for this movie and for more news on possible movie match up between the vampire hottie and X-Men superhero, visit the link:

Big things are happening for Rob since the Twilight phenomenon begin for him, this could be a big career move, besides playing his character Edward Cullen in Twilight and the upcoming sequel New Moon, everyone will want a piece of this vampire.


3 Responses to “Rob Pattinson/Hugh Jackman Making A Movie Together?”

  1. hey rob i don’t know u see my text or not
    but I love you so much
    I’m a iranian girl but love and i’v wish kiss you please send mail to me

    ever love you sara

  2. Hanna Angelo Says:

    Robert u look hot n handsome
    i love ur movies
    n u look awsum in twilight

  3. Hanna Angelo Says:

    i am u r great fan
    love u robert

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