Laguna Beach Alum is Heading For “The Hills”


















For all you “The Hills” fans, Lauren told us that this would be her last season on the show. Well, rumors have been confirmed that Laguna Beach’s Queen Bee Kristin Cavallari will be taking her place as the new leading lady of  The Hills. It seems to me that most of the fans will not be returning to watch this dazzling diva take to the streets of Los Angeles. It will be interesting to watch Kristin try to fill LC’s shoes which will be impossible. Once again, Lauren perfects this show and gives it a sense of class and now Kristin will be coming in and trying to keep the flow going. A lot of the cast members don’t seem to mind, Audrina is kind of mellowed out about it, Heidi is thrilled to have her because Kristin and Brody set her up with Spencer while they were still dating, Stephanie is freaking out about it and Brody believes that she couldn’t possibly fill Lauren’s shoes.

I have to agree with Brody on this one. I loved Kristin in Laguna Beach, don’t get me wrong, she is hilarious and blunt at the same time. It’s time to grow up and put all the drama behind. It would only seem right that Kristin would be the next season’s boss lady because after Lauren took over the first season of Laguna Beach, Kristin stepped right on in for the second season. I will probably watch every now and then to see how the show is going, as for being an avid fan of the show once the lovely Lauren is gone…I don’t think so.

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