Rihanna blasts Chris Brown in New Song?












I came across this article this morning as I was looking for something to write about. Like every celebrity breakup, there has to be a song written about the person you broke up with or the person that dumped you first. Taylor Swift wrote one about Joe Jonas, Justin allegedly sung one about Britney and vice versa, and now Rihanna joins the list with her new song “Silly Boy” featuring Lady GaGa, which you can find on Kanye West’s blog, sings about a guy trying to mend fences with her, only to fail at his attempts.

Any way that you can express your feelings whether through poetry, song, or a rap is a great idea. I commend Rihanna for finding an outlet for her feelings and expressing them through song and I’m sure it will be a great hit with Lady GaGa. With all the drama surrounding her and Chris Brown, I don’t know why she didn’t think of it before now. 

Here’s the link:http://omg.yahoo.com/news/rihanna-blasts-chris-brown-in-new-song/22418?nc


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