Going Back To My Roots…Literally

Almost a year ago, construction workers came out into our yard and had to dig it up to put down water pipes. My grandfather, who passed away almost five years ago, had a green thumb and kept our yard looking beautiful full of flowers and trees. It took them awhile to dig up the dirt, take out our big trees and 2 of our flowerbeds and completely destroyed our yard and they put grass seed in it but they didn’t replant any of our flowers or plant any new trees.

My mother, who loves to work out in the yard, decided to plant another flower bed full or orange and yellow marigolds and some other flowers in a pentagon shaped flowerbed and me and my sister helped her. I caught the garden bug and decided to plant my roses and grow them myself. We also planted a tree in the yard.

I think it’s important to remember those we love and honor them in some way and I think that this will be the best way to keep our yard pretty and be reminded of the garden we once had.

I hope to continue my grandfather’s legacy in planting these flowers and I hope they grow as beautiful as his did. I’m doing my part in helping the environment and staying green.


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