Does He Know How I Feel?

I wonder if there is something there or he is just wasting my time? I constantly think about him, whether he thinks about me, does he know that he is thinking about me? I am hoping that he will finally open his eyes and see that I want to be with him. I made my feelings known to him, my intentions are true, why can’t he see that? I’m not like the rest,  I will be at my best but I can’t wait forever, I can’t wait eternally. Tell me now so we can move forward, with or without being together. I find myself thinking that this is just a game that he is playing with me, that he is just testing me, does he have someone else or am I not thinking clearly? I wish I knew what to do, I wish I knew what to say, this is the question I ask each and everyday.

These are just some random thoughts that I had on my mind dealing with a guy in my life who I have been friends with for almost 3 years and I am wondering what he is thinking.


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