Are We Defined By Our Qualities?

We are all human and we have been born with certain qualities and traits that we develop, whether at a young age or when we are an adult. We can be defined by physical traits as well as personal traits.

There’s something called the “halo effect” and the “horn effect”. The halo effect an extension of an overall impression of a person (or one particular outstanding trait) to influence the total judgment of that person. The effect is to evaluate an individual high on many traits because of a belief that the individual is high on one trait.

The opposite of halo effect is the horn effect. The horn effect whereby a person evaluates another as low on many traits because of a belief that the individual is low on one trait which is assumed to be critical.

Let’s say a person who is physically strong and that is a good trait and there for people assume that you must have other good traits as well. In the reverse, if you aren’t strong as other people, then they will assume that you aren’t good at anything else whether intellectually or work related.

This is how some people think and you can’t judge people based on their qualities and assume that this is how they work or act all the time.

The definition of halo and horn effect were taken from


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