From The View of An Eclipse

Even the sun experiences dark days. Everyone knows an what an eclipse is, lunar or solar, for those who don’t know, here’s a brief explanation. A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, a lunar eclipse is when the full moon passes through the shadow of the Earth.

My point is for this post is that we have our moment of darkness sometimes. Things in our life can come our way that aren’t so great, whether it’s the loss of a loved one or a friend, not able to make ends meet, loss of a job or a house, a breakup in a relationship, etc. Just when you finally find that moment of peace and serenity, that is when you are tested.

Just like an eclipse, the Sun and the Moon will return again and everything will work itself out. Even though the solar and lunar eclipses come once in awhile, the point is that they do come, but they don’t stay. Darkness and Sadness don’t last always. There will be brighter days and starry nights for everyone.


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