Fake People

Yes, we have all dealt with them. In families, friendships, relationships, the people you work with, people online, etc. For example when you are introduced into a new family and people want to know everything about you and then you have some people that pretend to be nice to you and pretend to get along with you and then as soon as you leave the room, something is said about you and rumors get started and then the entire family knows something about you that isn’t the truth. People that have to pretend to like you or pretend to be your friend aren’t people that you need in your life. You also have some people, when you are having a conversation with someone about something you did or your relationship, they have done the same thing but only different or better than you. They have to insert some kind of opinion to get their 2 cents in just to feel like they are included. I can’t stand fake people, especially with someone who wants to write for you, then decides they don’t want you to write for them, then it turns out they like your writing and now want you to write for them. Oh no, you had your chance! How do you feel about fake people?


2 Responses to “Fake People”

  1. As soon as I detect it, I vanish…it’s like they perform magic..because I am no longer to be seen when I observe a pretensive person. Over the past few years, I’ve actually had to cut off people..people who I have known for years. As for family, it first started with certain members of the family. So I learnt early that I had to pick my friends like I pick my fruits.

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