Do We Fear Change?

I think that is a time in your life where you need a change, whether you initiated it or some higher power is in charge of the change. Do we fear change because we don’t want the change or what will happen after the change has taken place?

Growing up is a change, some don’t want to grow up at all and others have to or want to grow up fast. Getting a new place is a big change, do we fear the change of the place itself or do we have a fear of being out on our own and being responsible for no one but yourself? Getting married is a change, do we fear marriage or the person we are marrying?

Having kids is a change. Do we fear having the kids or how good of a job we will do as raising these children? Changes are imminent, inevitable, you can’t get around them as much as we would like to. Do some of us fear gays and lesbians because they are different, not like everyone else ? Do we fear different cultures because they aren’t like what we are used to? Do we fear different languages because we can’t speak them?

Change is coming whether we like it or not, with our lives, with family, with friends, with boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives. Some people don’t deal well with change and some welcome it. Accept change, embrace the strange, welcome the unusual, the sooner the better.


3 Responses to “Do We Fear Change?”

  1. pinnythewu Says:

    A very interesting blog. I am on the cusp of change at the moment. A huge change to the way I’m living my life. From the outside looking in these changes are so minor they’re hardly worth commenting on, but I am so set in my ways that they have become enormous barriers. I think, as humans, it is ingrained in our minds to resist change, because with change comes the unknown, and with the unknown comes (perceived) danger. It takes resilience to accept change, and a strong will to initiate it. Please keep the regular posts up, I will add you to my blog roll.

    • Thank you, I think we get so comfortable in our comfort zone that we aren’t open to any kind of changes. The unknown does scare people. Change is unknown because we won’t know the results of the changes that come our way or that we make ourselves.

  2. change is never a bad thing. it is always about how we handle it.

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