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Poem: Someone From My Past

Posted in poetry with tags on April 30, 2009 by MidnightSun


Sees this person

Creeping up on me

Get out, I don’t want you

You’re not the same

The darkness, the silence

Where did you come from?

The evil you have become

Go away, go back

Leave me be

The jealousy, the rage

the deceit, the backstabbing

it comes closer with every step

How did you get in here?

Cold hearted and mean

The secrets, the lies

The destruction you caused

The people you damaged, you’re no good

As it comes closer with every move,

And then I realized

It was me

Looking at my old self

In the mirror


Are We Defined By Our Qualities?

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We are all human and we have been born with certain qualities and traits that we develop, whether at a young age or when we are an adult. We can be defined by physical traits as well as personal traits.

There’s something called the “halo effect” and the “horn effect”. The halo effect an extension of an overall impression of a person (or one particular outstanding trait) to influence the total judgment of that person. The effect is to evaluate an individual high on many traits because of a belief that the individual is high on one trait.

The opposite of halo effect is the horn effect. The horn effect whereby a person evaluates another as low on many traits because of a belief that the individual is low on one trait which is assumed to be critical.

Let’s say a person who is physically strong and that is a good trait and there for people assume that you must have other good traits as well. In the reverse, if you aren’t strong as other people, then they will assume that you aren’t good at anything else whether intellectually or work related.

This is how some people think and you can’t judge people based on their qualities and assume that this is how they work or act all the time.

The definition of halo and horn effect were taken from

Poem: No Way Out

Posted in poetry with tags , on April 29, 2009 by MidnightSun

I’m stuck in this space

Trapped in darkness

I need help

Can you hear me?

This prison, this confinement

It’s suffocating me

My mind is far away

And trapped in the unknown

Bring me back to reality

There’s no way out

Is someone out there?

Please rescue my soul

Someone save me

From this dark place


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I think that is important to take time to re-evaluate ourselves. Think about what we’ve done, things we will do and things that we want to do. To take a moment to see what positive changes we have made or will make, review the negative changes that have evolved in ourselves, look at our physical aspects as well as our mental aspects and sometimes even our spiritual aspects.

Are we taking the time to pamper ourselves as well as the ones we love? Are we spending time with people we care about? Are we sitting out on the porch or in the backyard just daydreaming about anything? Do we sit and wonder why we did the stuff we did, whether it was to ourselves or to other people?

These are the questions I ask myself throughout the day to make sure I am taking full responsibility for what I have done,  think about stuff before I actually do it whether it will benefit me or not, take the time to tell the special people in my life that I love them, and taking time to reflect on what I have done to become the person I am today.

There are some things in my life that I do regret, words that I wish I wouldn’t have said, actions I wish I wouldn’t have taken, feelings that I hurt but I have learned that the past is only good for one thing…self-reflecting and learning to never do those things again.

From The View of An Eclipse

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Even the sun experiences dark days. Everyone knows an what an eclipse is, lunar or solar, for those who don’t know, here’s a brief explanation. A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, a lunar eclipse is when the full moon passes through the shadow of the Earth.

My point is for this post is that we have our moment of darkness sometimes. Things in our life can come our way that aren’t so great, whether it’s the loss of a loved one or a friend, not able to make ends meet, loss of a job or a house, a breakup in a relationship, etc. Just when you finally find that moment of peace and serenity, that is when you are tested.

Just like an eclipse, the Sun and the Moon will return again and everything will work itself out. Even though the solar and lunar eclipses come once in awhile, the point is that they do come, but they don’t stay. Darkness and Sadness don’t last always. There will be brighter days and starry nights for everyone.

Do We Fear Change?

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I think that is a time in your life where you need a change, whether you initiated it or some higher power is in charge of the change. Do we fear change because we don’t want the change or what will happen after the change has taken place?

Growing up is a change, some don’t want to grow up at all and others have to or want to grow up fast. Getting a new place is a big change, do we fear the change of the place itself or do we have a fear of being out on our own and being responsible for no one but yourself? Getting married is a change, do we fear marriage or the person we are marrying?

Having kids is a change. Do we fear having the kids or how good of a job we will do as raising these children? Changes are imminent, inevitable, you can’t get around them as much as we would like to. Do some of us fear gays and lesbians because they are different, not like everyone else ? Do we fear different cultures because they aren’t like what we are used to? Do we fear different languages because we can’t speak them?

Change is coming whether we like it or not, with our lives, with family, with friends, with boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives. Some people don’t deal well with change and some welcome it. Accept change, embrace the strange, welcome the unusual, the sooner the better.

Fake People

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Yes, we have all dealt with them. In families, friendships, relationships, the people you work with, people online, etc. For example when you are introduced into a new family and people want to know everything about you and then you have some people that pretend to be nice to you and pretend to get along with you and then as soon as you leave the room, something is said about you and rumors get started and then the entire family knows something about you that isn’t the truth. People that have to pretend to like you or pretend to be your friend aren’t people that you need in your life. You also have some people, when you are having a conversation with someone about something you did or your relationship, they have done the same thing but only different or better than you. They have to insert some kind of opinion to get their 2 cents in just to feel like they are included. I can’t stand fake people, especially with someone who wants to write for you, then decides they don’t want you to write for them, then it turns out they like your writing and now want you to write for them. Oh no, you had your chance! How do you feel about fake people?