Spencer Pratt Admits Lying About Sex Tape Rumors To Get Lauren Conrad To Attend Wedding

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Yes, he lied to her only to get her to come to their wedding for Heidi’s sake. This only proves a couple of things and assures me of one thing. First, he will do anything for Heidi. Second, he will do anything to get his way and third, he is still a jerk. According to Yahoo’s OMG website, last month Lauren told journalists during the current season of The Hills that Spencer took full responsibility for starting the rumors about the sex tape that was going around.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Spencer admits that he only lied to her to get her to come to their wedding so Heidi could be happy. This is what he said:

“Let me give you the exclusive right here… See, my lovely wife wanted that girl, LC, to be at our wedding, and I knew I had to do whatever as [an] almost-husband to get her dream wedding put together,” Spencer told AccessHollywood.com earlier this week. “So I lied and said that I made something up to make somebody feel good about themselves so that they would attend the wedding.”

Spencer is still a complete jerk but there’s no doubt that he will do anything for Heidi.



I Have The Same Birthday as Twilight Star Robert Pattinson

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He may be a year older than me but that doesn’t matter! I am so happy and I know that I might be a little overreacting about this but I was just searching for more Twilight news and I came across his bio and found that his birthday is May 13th,1986, a year before yours truly. This makes me appreciate him even more. Happy Belated Birthday, Rob!!! You are the greatest ever!!!

Robert Pattinson Kiss Auctioned for $55,000

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Yeah that’s right. That is what I said. Millions of Twilight fans would give almost anything to get kiss from Hollywood’s hottest vampire but would they pay that much to get a opportunity to kiss Robert Pattinson? According to E! Online’s Marc Malkin, a kiss from Robert raised a whole lot of dough at a charity event that raises money to help fight AIDS at an auction held in Cannes, France.

There were two bidders who paid 20,000 euros each for their daughters to have that kiss. That is equivalent to 55,000 dollars in US money. Robert happily agreed to the suggestion about auctioning off his kiss but agreed in his own modestly handsome way.

This only proves that the Twilight fans are in full force these days and will do anything, even help raise money for charity to get a kiss from this Hollywood vampire cutie.

Here’s the link for more: http://omg.yahoo.com/news/robert-pattinson-kiss-auctioned-for-55-000/22893?nc

Minor ‘New Moon’ Spoiler Alert!

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On Yahoo’s entertainment website, they reveal the official ‘New Moon’ poster and a few details about the upcoming sequel. It’s not really a spoiler alert if you have read the book already, you know most of the storyline, so it’s not really a big deal to you and me. It starts your favorites: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. If you would like to see the official poster and the spoiler, you can go to the link below or visit my post below this one which has the official poster.

Here’s the link: http://omg.yahoo.com/blogs/crush/first-look-new-moon-poster/172

So Many Posters For ‘New Moon’, It’s Bananas!!

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Here are some of the posters that I have been seeing online for ‘New Moon’, the sequel to the blockbuster hit Twilight which will be out November 20th, 2009, starring your favorite vampire Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, which just signed on for the fourth book of the series Breaking Dawn, yes!, also Bella Swan played by the lovely Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black, a member of the wolfpack. Here are some of the posters that I have come across online.

Here’s the Official One:

Wordless Wednesdays

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Take a look at this picture I came across, it’s up to you what you make of it.

YouTube Tuesdays: Zee Avi

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This week, is a music video of an up and coming artist and her name is Zee Avi. She lives in the city of Los Angeles but her hometown is in Malaysia. This song here, Bitter Heart, has amazing 40s sound to it and her voice sounds like it should be in well-established Jazz club. Her voice is calming yet powerful and her cd comes out May 19th and I recommend you go get it. Check out her other videos on YouTube if you like her sound. You would expect a voice like that to come out of this Malaysian songstress. She is going to be big. Here’s her video, Check it Out!